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Tips to fully enjoy

There are various kinds of fruit picking, but among them the popular fruit picking from January to May is strawberry picking. It can be enjoyed with a lot of friends and family, making it perfect for making memories. Here are some ways to enjoy strawberry picking. Please refer to it.

Shoes that are easy to walk in

GrandBerry has special slippers for cleanliness and hygiene. Customers have to change into their slippers at the entrance. There is no need to come with special footwear just because it is a strawberry picking, so please come as part of a date or play.

The choice of clothes

The inside of the greenhouse is warm to keep a certain temperature. When the weather is very nice, you may get sweaty. We recommend clothes that are easy to take on and off so that the temperature can be adjusted. In GrandBerry, when picking strawberries, you need to leave all your baggage in the basket at the reception.

Wet wipes

In strawberry picking, where you can enjoy all-you-can-eat, your hands often get dirty with strawberry juice or condensed milk. If you go to the hand washing area every time your hands get dirty, the time limit will pass quickly. Wet wipes is useful in such cases. When you notice it, you can wipe the dirt off and enjoy strawberry picking again with clean hands.

In GrandBerry in Osaka,

You can eat strawberries that are particular about soil making and cultivation methods. Strawberries cultivated with reducing agrochemicals are safe and can fully enjoy the original sweetness of strawberries. If you want to strawberries picking around Kansai, please use GrandBerry.

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