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Basic knowledge of sugar content

There are various kinds of strawberries, such as Akihime cultivated in GrandBerry. Here, we focus on “sugar content”, which is one of the criteria for indicating the deliciousness of strawberries.

What is sugar content?

Sugar content is one of the indicators of how much sugar is contained in 100g, and is a numerical value expressed as a percentage. For example, the sugar content of Akihime is said to be about 10-15 degrees. In this case, about 10-15g of sugar is contained in 100g of fruit juice. A similar indicator is "concentration", but in the case of concentration, what is dissolved in the solution is not necessarily sugar.

How the sugar content meter works

A common method for determining sugar content is to check brix sugar content (refractive index sugar content). A solution in which sugar or the like is dissolved has a feature that the refractive index of light is larger than that of normal water. Strawberry juice is also a solution in which sugar is dissolved in water, so the sugar content can be determined by examining the refractive index of the light that enters the juice. You can buy brix sugar content measuring equipment at online stores and home improvement store, so it may be interesting to check the sugar content of the strawberries you bought.

To highlight sweetness

You may feel that citrus fruits such as lemons and tangerines are not surprisingly sweet even if the displayed sugar content is high. The reason is that the sourness contained in addition to sweetness offsets sweetness. Akihime is characterized by having less acidity than other cultivar, so it is said to be a cultivar that can feel sweetness among strawberries. GrandBerry is also popular not only for picking strawberries, but also for selling strawberries directly, so please challenge how to eat more sweetly at home.

In strawberry picking of GrandBerry,

In GrandBerry's strawberry picking , you can eat Akihime, which is especially noted for its deliciousness. Please feel free to enjoy it as a day-trip leisure not only in Osaka City but also in the Kansai area.

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Contents of Strawberry

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