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Strawberry Picking Fee

※ 30 minutes All you can eat prices
※ If you make a reservation from "Jalan net", you will get a great coupon.


Ages 7 or over


Tax Included


Ages 4-6


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Ages 1-3


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Under age 1


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Why choose GrandBerry


We grow only strawberries of cultivar called AKIHIME that are not gone on the market such as supermarkets. It is soft, juicy, few sour, and it is a very sweet strawberry.


We are adjusting the reservation according to growing condition of the strawberries, the weather and the number of customers, so if you come to strawberry picking of Grandberry, there are lots of strawberries.


Sheet is laid on the floor of the strawberry picking facility and you put on slippers at the entrance, so there is no worry that the shoes will get dirty. You can also do strawberry picking in rainy weather.


It is convenient because it is a 10 minute walk from the nearest station.It is also very close from "Namba Station" and "Tsuruhashi Station" that is Osaka's main stations by 25 minutes and 15 minutes respectively.



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Contents of Strawberry

Welcome to GrandBerry

GrandBerry is very rare in Osaka which is a city, reduces the amount of pesticide and chemical fertilizer used as much as possible, and produces strawberries in a time-consuming manner for making soil and cultivating. We also offer to our customers by strawberry hunting and direct sales. We are working hard every day to make customers happy even more. "The more you adhere to the taste and safety, the less production is extremely low, the period is limited ... etc." But even if you want to introduce such a worthy strawberry to our customers, we will launch this website It was. "Convenience of the field" has priority, specialty site does not come with product lineup, it can not set only the item that the customer wants. However, I am confident in the quality of each article. And I think that you can feel "season" above all. Delicious strawberry production of Grand Berry will continue forever. Someday we will work to become "GrandBerry" indispensable for our customers.

If you enjoy strawberry picking in Osaka

If you do strawberry picking, please come to [GrandBerry] in Yao City, Osaka. It is convenient strawberry farm which access is 30 minutes by car from Osaka city, and train is a 10 minute walk from the nearest station. The strawberry cultivated in this farm is a variety called "chapter princess", it is fresh and sour and has a refreshing taste which is a characteristic strawberry. Pickled strawberries can be eaten without washing and can be eaten strawberry hunting while standing is possible. We also sell strawberries that are perfect for souvenirs, so please use by all means.

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